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Anonymous asked:

what are all of his songs from multiply about? I know I'm asking a lot but you can just say a few songs!


I’ll do the quick version

*I’ll probably miss some points but you’ll get the gist

  • One-The last love song ever written about Alice, a song dedicated to closure
  • I’m A Mess-this song was how Ed dealt with a mini freakout that he had at the end last year in regards to both his professional and personal life
  • SING-Just a crazy night out
  • Don’t-About a girl who cheated on Ed with someone he knew and the distrust he felt after
  • Nina-A self deprecating song with Ed explaining to a girl why she should leave him
  • Photograph-Dealing with love even when you’re not physically together
  • Bloodstream-Deals with inner demons and the ways in which they’re suppressed
  • Tenerife Sea-A love song about a girl that Ed was with in early 2013
  • Runaway-A song about a kid running away from his alcoholic father (NOT autobiographical)
  • The Man-Ed expressing his anger about his ex, the man she ended up with and blaming his career for their relationship’s demise 
  • Thinking Out Loud-It’s literally just Ed “thinking out loud” about his current relationship
  • Afire Love-It’s about Ed’s grandfather who had Alzheimer’s and died this past December. The song explains how Ed saw him as well as the love between his grandparents in his grandma’s own words 

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